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斯坦福 iOS7 公开课第二课: Xcode 5

05 Feb 2014

这是 Stanford CS193p: Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad Fall 2013-14 文字版,按照视频字幕手工编辑完成。这里的内容由于是按照讲话的录音记录下来的,所以文字风格偏口语化,也比较”线性”. 视频的内容大部分会记录成文字,但也酌情省略了可以忽略的语句。

本文图片较多,如果图片的注解足够清晰明了,就会省去文字记录,想要看到文章更好的排版效果,可直接浏览 GitHub 里的文件


Today we’re going to have some slides at the beginning, little more talking, and then I’m going to have a quite big demo that’s going to try and hopefully synthesize all the things I’ve been talking about on the slides for the first two lectures, which is that we’re going to start building our card game. This card matching game is going to be our substrate for the first two weeks of learning some Objective-C, learning about Xcode, learning about how iOS hooks up the controller, and the view, and the model to make a UI.

If you remember from the last time, we did the card thing, it was a very simple class. Today, we’re going to go on and do another class, which is a deck! The deck of cards. And remember, that card and deck are generic; they’re not specific to playing cards. A playing card, like the ace of clubs(梅花 A) or the king of the hearts(红心国王)

Objective-C Demo

Okay, so that’s it for the slides.

Let’s start building a Card Game out of these classes.

The following slides are a walkthrough of the demonstration done in class. You will need this walkthrough to do your first homework assignment.

This is the Slides. 注意:上面链接的演示项目用到的材料可在这里找到: 关于 CS193P 的 Assignment Solutions 的资料,这里比较齐全:

Some Notes on the above Xcode 5 Demonstration Slides:

Coming Up

#####Needs more Card Game!

Also next week …

Lecture 2 done!