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Cheat Sheats for Objective-C

07 Nov 2013

Cheat Sheats on Objective-C, from Programming in Objective-C, Fifth Edition

Hello World:

Basic Data Types(4.1):

Methods for Working with Dynameic Types(9.1):

Exception Handling(P412):

NSArray class’s six initialization methods(P419):

enum type(P441):

Conditional Compliation(P514):

Compound Literals(P614):

NSNumber Creation and Retrieval Methods(15.1)

Common NSString Methods:(15.2):

Common NSMutableString Methods(15.3):

Common NSArray Methods(15.4):

Common NSMutableArray Methods(15.5):

Some NSValue Wrapper and Unwrapper Methods(15.6):

Common NSDictionary Methods(15.7):

Common NSMutableDictionary Methods(15.8):

Common NSSet Methods(15.9):

Common NSMutableSet Methods(15.10):

Some NSIndexSet Methods(15.11):

Common NSFileManager File Methods(16.1):

Common NSFileManager Directory Methods(16.2):

Enumerating the Contents of a Directory(Program 16.4)

Common Path Utility Methods(16.3)

Common Path Utility Functions(16.4)

Common iOS Directories(16.5)

NSProcessInfo Methods(16.6)

Common NSFileHandle Methods(16.7)

Memory Management and Automatic Reference Counting(17)